Tuesday, April 10, 2007

well, okay...

apparently I can't read. The Fangs, Fur and Fey contests OPENS on the 13th, NOT closes. So, don't send all those entries yet, because they'll just delete them. Start sending on the 13th--and the contest closes on the 15th. Email your hook entries to fangsfurandfey@yahoo.com

Sorry about that!

In writing news, well, there's not been a whole lot. Riley 6 is still going slowly. Yesterday was one of those days where I wrote a scene, decided I didn't like said scene, deleted it, wrote another one, decided that one didn't make sense...etc, etc. Not a fun writing day, in other words. I think half the problem at the moment is that the muse is thinking about the Destiny edits and what to do with them--a fact confirmed last night when she woke me up at three in the morning worrying about certain scenes and whether I can actually fix them according to my editors comments. The muse isn't sure she can, and I think I'll need to talk to Anne (my editor) at RT before I can actually move on. I'll paddle on today with Riley, and hope the muse decides to knuckle down a bit. But my aim of having half this book done by the time RT rolls around is not looking flash.

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Blogger Anna yager said...

i love your Riley Jenson guardian novels. i aspire to be as great as you one day.

9:18 AM, April 11, 2007  

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