Friday, March 23, 2007


as the title says, we were invaded. By ants. The little buggers were everywhere. Our white kitchen benches were black, there were little black lines spreading out over the floor (much to the delight of the rather large huntsman spider that was running around these lines excitedly), and there were black line going up the wall to our pantry. And in the pantry. Thankfully, their little foray into the foodstuff had only just started, because they hadn't even gotten into the sugar yet.

So, a rather large amount of spraying followed (the spider we caught in a jar and threw outside. I generally don't kill huntsman unless they try to get into bed with me). But it makes me wonder why they decided to invade today. It used to be that ants invading were a sign that rain was coming, so lets hope that old saying holds true. Of course, it could be that the little buggers were just hungry.

Writing? Well, that's plodding along slowly at the moment. I'm still writing the scene with the female vamp boss, and that woman is trying to seduce Riley. Not what I'd intended at all, but characters do have a habit of throwing up unexpected ideas when you're writing them. Of course, Riley is not at all impressed with said atttempts, so it's all quite interesting. But it's slow going, because I don't want the scene to be too...tacky.

oh, and here's a pic of a huntsman for those who have never seen one;

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Blogger Mel said...

Ick!!! you know I hate those : ) I'd say the ants are a sign of rain, it's meant to storm tonight.

But ant invasion is no fun at all. Maybe they were living in the tree you had chopped? You can buy nifty ant bait things to put on windowsills etc to help keep 'em out and kill the nest. Less mess than ant rid and pet safe!

9:20 AM, March 23, 2007  
Anonymous Wendy said...

Ick! Exactly how big are those spiders anyway?

1:54 AM, March 24, 2007  
Blogger SLIDER said...

It is amazing to me how a creature like an ant is so single minded in his task at hand, I fear that if ants were of even the size of a spider we would be in serious trouble. Speaking of spiders I so could have done without the picture. I seem to have just a touch of arachnophobia.
I am sure your scene will turn out well with the female vamp, looking forward to reading it.

4:28 AM, March 24, 2007  
Blogger Khryssallis said...

I'm not sure I could stand those spiders! They are pretty scarey-looking.

By the way congratulations on your well-deserved successes, I am eagerly awaiting the 4th book! :)

4:51 AM, March 24, 2007  
Blogger Robyn E said...

That spider is FREAKING ENORMOUS!!!
Please tell me it looks bigger than it really is.
And we've been battling ants too. The little blighters are everywhere to the point where if I have a scratch it's generally an ant that's found it's way up my leg.
Gives the phrase 'ants pants' a whole new meaning.

6:50 PM, March 24, 2007  
Anonymous Shavaun said...

Thats disgusting! I hate spiders, sorry.. I could go my whole life without ever seeing one and be a happy camper! Why god created those things I do not know... Those huntsman look huge, thank god we dont have them here!

5:23 AM, March 26, 2007  
Blogger Christina said...

Ants bother me so I can just picture what you walked into. As for the spider, I don't normally kill them either. I'll catch them and put them outside.

2:38 PM, March 27, 2007  

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