Monday, October 02, 2006

minus 13...

I'd set myself a writing target at the beginning of September and, as could have been predicted, I didn't get there. I never do when I set targets. Seems my muse is a nasty little soul who loves to trip me over. Still, I got close. My target was 280 pages written, and I hit 267, so I was only 13 pages off. I did manage to write ten pages yesterday, so if I can write 8 today I'll actually be back on track. Mind you, I'd love to be ahead of the game right now, because we move into our new house in two and a half weeks, and I just can't imagine getting much writing done during those days.

Another thing that has me worried is the actual length of the book. While I usually start having this worry around the 300 page mark in any book I'm writing, in Riley 5 I've actually just finalised one major murder thread, and only have one more to go. And I'm just not sure whether that one will stretch the 140 pages needed. Still, this is only first draft, and I'm sure I'll need to flesh some sections out more. I just need to finish it first...anything else can be fixed later.


Blogger Mel said...

You are doing great...and you know, someone wise once told me, when in doubt, kill someone or blow something up : ))

6:47 PM, October 02, 2006  
Blogger Rachel Vincent said...

I have the opposite problem. I always have to go back and cut, cut, cut. I'm 262 pages into my current WIP and panicking because I'm not sure I can wrap it up in 400.

I probably can't, so I'll have to go back and tighten and cut. Which is hard, considering that I also flesh out a lot during the second draft. ;-)

3:39 AM, October 03, 2006  

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