Monday, April 17, 2006

stuff....or stuffed?

the original title for this blog was stuff (because it's basically a ramble about whatever comes to mind), but considering the amount of hot cross buns and easter eggs I've consumed over the weekend, stuffed is probably more apt. :) I don't know what it is about easter buns, but not even raisin bread can compare with the taste. I love them, especially when smothered in melted butter--the thicker the better!

The diet, as you may have gathered, has gone out the window...and I still have a ton of easter chocolate to consume. I'd actually love to throw it out, but the chocoholic in me just can't waste good chocolate like that. (yep, I'm weak). I guess it means the dogs are going to be taken for a longer walk for the next few days!

Writing wise, well, there hasn't been a whole lot of that happening. I did another read through of the 150 pages of Destiny Kills written so far, and I'm still liking what's there, so that's a good start. I'm still not entirely sure whether this is going to be a two part story or a three part, because despite the fact that I'm 150 pages in, I don't know where the end of this will be. I know what Destiny has to achieve, but can she achieve it in this book? At this particular moment in time, that's the million dollar question. I actually don't want to write more than two books--I don't really want this to be a series, though I wouldn't mind eventually writing more books in this world. But I've also got another book idea brewing in the back of my mind--something that's little more than a first sentence at the moment--and will undoubtedly want to write that once it's fermented. And really, one continuing series is more than enough. For me, anyway. I like visiting other places and other characters, and I think getting stuck writing in one or two worlds only would be detrimental to those worlds.

Anyway, we have a lulu meeting on today, and I'm taking the first chapter of the 5th Riley. The start of this one is a whole lot slower than the previous four, and I just want to be sure it still hooks the reader enough. Slow starting books always worry me--which is why my first chapters tend to be action laden. It'll be interesting to see what the gals think of it--hopefully, I won't have to prod them awake as they snore their way through the chapter.... :D


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